Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How far is it from Auckland Airport to the Bay of Islands?

About 160 miles or 260 kilometres.
By car it takes 3-4 hours depending on your style of driving and whether you stop for a cuppa.
A plane from Auckland to Kerikeri Airport takes about 40 minutes
The bus journey is approx. 5 hrs including travel from the airport to the Downtown Bus Terminal.

What is the easiest way to get to Russell?

The most direct road access is via the vehicular ferry which regularly departs from Opua. Follow State Highway 1 from Auckland to Kawakawa and then on to State Highway 11 to Opua. OR you may choose to enjoy the scenic coastal route via the Old Russell Road meandering past coastal bays like Oakura and Rawhiti (the scenic route is now fully sealed). Look for the turn off for Old Russell Road at Whakapara, north of Whangarei (SH1).

There are also three different passenger ferries operating between Paihia and Russell.

What is the weather like in the Bay of Islands?

In the "Winterless North" temperatures can reach 25° C (75° F) between June and September. Frosts are rare and never severe. Summer temperatures reach the lower 30s C (90° F). The Bay has an average annual rainfall of 2000 millimetres.


Current weather forecast for the Bay of Islands.

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