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Things to Do

Camping and Nature in the Bay of Islands

camping bay of islands nz The Bay of Islands offers some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking natural surroundings, making it…


Bay of Islands Jet Ski Hire

Jet Ski Hire Don’t take just another holiday. Plan a high octane adventure! If you’re looking for a unique way to see the Bay of Islands, a jet ski tour is exactly the thrilling experience you are looking for!


Bay of Islands Sailing Charters

Sailing Charters Bay of Islands NZ Enjoy an unforgettable sailing charter in the Bay of Islands. A sailing and boating paradise, the region offers calm waters, sheltered ports and breathtaking vistas.


Backpacking in the Bay of Islands

backpacker bay of islands NZ The Bay of Islands turquoise waters have long been a drawcard for backpackers travelling to New Zealand. Scenic hikes, sailing trips, game fishing, watersports and island-hopping are among many of the ways to enjoy this colourful region.


Game Fishing

Game Fishing For just about as long as there have been humans in New Zealand, there has been game fishing, but our equipment and techniques have been somewhat refined over the centuries! Time has moved on since the days of catching swordfish with hand lines from waka and knuckle duster wooden reels. Now, catching the most impressive big game species relies on the far more user-friendly launches, whippier rods, geared wheels with brakes, trolling and berley trails.